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*Richmond Pulse Launches First Print Edition*

*Richmond Pulse Launches First Print Edition*

by RP Editors

Richmond Pulse, an online youth-led media outlet launched last year by New

America Media to report on community health issues in the city of Richmond,

is today celebrating the publication of it’s first print edition, which you

will find inserted in this very issue of The Globe Newspaper.

New America Media would like to thank The Globe, one of our longtime ethnic

media partners, for supporting our vision and assisting with the printing of

these 5,000 initial English-language copies of Richmond Pulse for

distribution throughout the city.

In order to better serve the entire Richmond community, a Spanish version of

Richmond Pulse has also been printed and will be made available for free at

locations across the city.

Why one more newspaper in the City of Pride and Purpose?

The answer to that question lies in the voices who Richmond Pulse chooses to

amplify – the young, the elderly, the poor, the immigrant, the government

official looking for new solutions to old problems, the neighbor working to

beautify his or her neighborhood, the parent or grandparent who has lost a

child to violence…  In short, the voices you rarely see or hear when you

turn on the five o’clock news or pick up the Sunday newspaper.

But the vision of Richmond Pulse goes beyond even that.  We’ve invited the

city’s youth and young adults – the next generation of leaders and decision

makers – to be the primary messengers; to tell the stories of their

community through words, images and sound.  And not just for a youth

audience, but for the entire community.  Why?  Because we believe that the

voices and perspectives of young people in Richmond are a crucial part of

the public discourse.  They must be heard by decision makers and taken as

seriously as any other voice, if Richmond is to find solutions to some of

it’s more pressing problems.

We at Richmond Pulse believe it is important to use a wide lens to report on

issues of community health, because a community’s well-being cannot just be

measured by the physical health of its residents.  Community health must

also be measured by the effectiveness of government institutions, the

stability of family and community networks, by the ability of people to

resolve their conflicts peacefully, by the sense of hope residents have in

their future, by the ability of the schools to teach and by the

opportunities people are afforded to work and build toward a better future,

with dignity.

The stories gathered in this first edition of Richmond Pulse are a starting

point for examining some of these issues and more.

Richmond Pulse is indebted to the young people and community members who

stepped up to make this possible, because it is their voices that fulfill

our mission.  We look forward to continuing our work with these youth as

mentors, media trainers and facilitators for their storytelling.  And we

invite you, the greater community of Richmond, to use the Pulse as your

platform well, to tell your own stories.

*The Editors of Richmond Pulse invite you to submit your story ideas or

finished work, for online publication.  For more information and t**o see

more stories by Richmond Pulse, please visit us online at*

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