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Pam Hawkins, the south bay powerhouse soul singer retains her diva crown

By Big Cat Tolefree

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a female soul singer with Pam’s energy and commitment to performing songs, not just singing them. Every song, every shimmy each and every show has the same power and passion, a raw emotion in a bottle of seductively infectious sincerity that comes across naturally. I appreciate Pam Hawkins and big sound she’s mastered over the years, no other female soul singers can duplicate her uninhibited live stage show. Basically, she can’t be touched with a ten foot pole when it comes to vocally conveying her message in a song, her femininity and playfulness hypnotizes her followers and unsuspecting new fans as Pam hooks you in with her passionate eyes and hand jesters. It’s only been a few magnetic soul singers from the Bay Area on Hawkins level, I can’t wait to see what Pam has planned for the future. Some singers rely on glam squads and media driven fluff, Pam Hawkins has the right stuff to make a big impact on the recording and entertainment industry for a long time.
Pam Hawkins was raised up in San Jose, from there the electrifying soul singer has been on the road here at home abroad. Like most local folks she cut her groove behind live bands for years before leaping out into the global music scene. While spending a bunch of time playing and gaining support locally, Pam has also toured Japan and South America where she made a name for herself. Later, voted Best Independent Female Vocalist By The South Bay Blues Awards. The sexy, songbird possesses a supple alto tone most recognizable in old school soul records and tunes from the early 1960’s, but her tasteful feminine touches on standard sides pinch like Tina Turner and Aretha all rolled up into one stick of vocal dynamite that is Pam Hawkins of today! She fronts band these days and can be seen up and down the coast and abroad doing her thing, check out her shows when the Diva comes to town and be ready to be dazzled and inspired. Her positive spirit and approachable vibe is a breath of fresh air in this era of me, me entertainers. Pam’s a real treat for your eyes and eyes.
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