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Multi-Platinum Music Producer “Gives Back” with “Positive Rap”

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Richmond, CA – Richmond,

California is alleged to be the 6th most violent city in the U.S. But a hard working group of at-risk youth and young adults hope to change such dire statistics and enhance Richmond’s image by utilizing “positive” rap music as a vehicle for positive change in their communities.The Richmond Academy for Positive Production (RAPP) is offered by the Richmond Community Based Employment Collaborative (CBEC) in collaboration with the City of Richmond’s Office of Neighborhood

Safety and Ken Franklin of K-Lou Recording Studios. RAPP is a pilot program that utilizes music to give at-risk youth and young adults tangible options to violent street life. The program will release a ompilation CD of their efforts sometime after March 31, 2011.

The instructor for the RAPP program is former for recording artists such as: Master P, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E-40 and Mac Dre, contributing to sales of over 75 million units resulting in 22 platinum and 18 Gold albums. He taught college level music production and engineering courses at San Francisco State University and views the RAPP program as an opportunity to “give back.” Mr. D. M., a program participant states, “Prior to the RAPP program, I wrote and listened to hardcore music that talked about fighting, shooting, hustling, mistreating women and other stuff. 

I now understand how this music affects my thoughts

and behavior in a negative way and it feels good to use my creative skills to write and produce positive music. My message is changing in a positive way and I am changing also. I love the RAPP program. It’s cool.” Participants also learn out song copyrighting, music publishing and how to market and profit from their music. 

Instructors McKinley Ross, Jr. and Rhonda Harris teach life skills through discussions

about job eadiness, anger management and other topics.

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