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Richmond icon recounts a past of trials and triumphs

Richmond icon recounts a past of trials and triumphs

One of Richmond’s greatest leaders is thumbing through a history book, looking for his picture. Page after page flips slowly from right to left. The book, its hard corners blunted by the years, was published in the 1970s, and celebrates the surge of African Americans in elected positions since the Voting Rights act of 1965. One page glows with a young Ron Dellums. The reader chuckles. “Oh yeah, he looks young.” Next page. John Lewis’ … Read entire article »

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Assemblymember Nancy Skinner Announces Transportation Fuel Diversity

From the Globe News Desk(SACRAMENTO, CA)– Assemblymember NancySkinner (D–Berkeley) announcedtoday that she isauthoring legislation to diversifythe fuel mix Californiansrely on for theirtransportation needs. Havingaccess to a range of fuels willgreatly reduce California’sreliance on imported oil.Assembly Bill 638, theTransportation Fuel DiversityAct, will increase California’s self-reliance by reducingpetroleum consumptionto 15% below the 2003 level fuel usage to 26% by 2022. “Californians overwhelminglyrely on a single fuelsource, petroleum, for 93%of our transportation energyneeds,” said Skinner. “Relianceon petroleum for transportationleaves businessesand consumers vulnerable toprice spikes, like we’ve seenat the pumps over the lastfew weeks. AB 638 createsa diverse transportation fuelportfolio to cushion Californiansagainst this.” Skinnernotes that the TransportationFuel Diversity Act toucheson national security, economic,and environmental issues.According to the CaliforniaEnergy Commission(CEC), imports account forhalf of California’s oil consumption.With the unrestand instability in foreignoil-supplying nations, California’sreliance on … Read entire article »

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Richmond High School Opens New Computer Lab to Extend Engineering Curriculum

Richmond High School Opens New Computer Lab to Extend Engineering Curriculum

  From the Globe News Desk Richmond High School opened a $60,000 computer lab today to help prepare students for careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. A product of efforts between the City of Richmond and Chevron, the lab is one example of how public-private relationships are helping to prepare California’s youth for the 21st century economy.  Students using the computer lab will be taught with a curriculum from Project Lead the Way, a national educational nonprofit offering STEM curriculum to middle and high school students. Chevron … Read entire article »

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Multi-Platinum Music Producer “Gives Back” with “Positive Rap”

From the Globe News Desk Richmond, CA – Richmond, California is alleged to be the 6th most violent city in the U.S. But a hard working group of at-risk youth and young adults hope to change such dire statistics and enhance Richmond’s image by utilizing “positive” rap music as a vehicle for positive change in their communities.The Richmond Academy for Positive Production (RAPP) is offered by the Richmond Community Based Employment Collaborative (CBEC) in collaboration with the City of Richmond’s Office of Neighborhood Safety and Ken Franklin of K-Lou Recording Studios. RAPP is a pilot program that utilizes music to give at-risk youth and young adults tangible options to violent street life. The program will release a ompilation CD of their efforts sometime after March 31, 2011. The instructor for the … Read entire article »

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